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Federal Government Girls College, Omu-Aran is situated on the former site of Government Secondary School, Omu-Aran, along Omu-Aran/ IlofaRoad. The College was conceived out of the desire to bring together young girls from diverse cultural, tribal and linguistic background from different parts of Nigeria to learn under the same environment with a view to fostering national unity among them at the impressionable stage of their lives.

Its establishment is in keeping in line with the Federal Government policy of having at least two Federal Government Colleges otherwise known as Unity Colleges in each State of the Federation including Abuja to serve as Model Schools for others in their pursuits of academic moral and social excellence. Before 1991, the old Kwara State had two Federal unity College: One in New Bussa and another one in Ilorin in 1991, when Kogi State was created, there was boundary adjustment between Kwara State and neighboring states. 

This consequently led to the carving out of New Bussa to Niger State and forfeiture of Federal Government Girls’ College, New-Bussa to Niger State. As a result of this, Federal Government Girls’ College, Omu-Aran, was founded on the 13th May 1995 to serve as the second Federal Unity College in Kwara State. 

Federal Government Girls’ College, Omu-Aran did not have the privilege of having modern infrastructure at the time of its establishment because it inherited old structures of Government Secondary School, Omu-Aran. However, with the assistance of Federal Ministry of Education, some of the initial challenges were overcome. 

Federal Government Girls’ College, Omu-Aran, within the twenty-one years of her establishment has been contributing immensely to the development of girls education in Nigeria. The college has graduated young ladies who professionals are occupying esteemed positions in various fields of human endeavor and contributing to national development.


The School is situated in Omu-Aran, the Headquarter of Irepodun L.G.A Kwara State. It is along Omu-Aran, Ilofa express road and is accessible from three different routes: through Ilorin, Ekiti State and Kogi State. 


Qualitative Girl-Child Education For National Development


To provide the Girl-Child With Balanced Education Emphasizing Academic Excellence, and Good Conduct 


Pro Unitate


  1. Students must be at the right place in the right outfit at the right time for the right purpose
  2. Students must obey all routine bells promptly
  3. Students must use the uniform appropriate for each occasion
  4. Students must conduct themselves decently at all times
  5. Students should not leave the School Compound unless with an exit duly signed by the Principal, Vice Principal or the Senior Boarding Housemistress
  6. During school hours and prep periods, dormitories are out of bounds
  7. No personal or private social functions i.e birthday parties etc may be organized by students. No form of parties or other social engagements should be held in the dormitories
  8. Students are expected to communicate in English which is the medium of instruction in the school. They are strictly forbidden to converse in any other language, when there is within earshot, a person who does not understand that language.
  9. Students should not receive a visitor except on Visiting Days. If a parent/guardian had need to visit her daughter/ward, she has to obtain permission from the Principal, Vice Principal, Senior Boarding House Mistress or any other Senior Officer authorized by the Principal.
  10. Students must receive their Visitors on the Visiting Day in their house wear.
  11. No student must miss a lesson unless on account of ascertained ill-health or any other good reason, which may have taken her away from School.
  12. No student should drink alcohol or engage in any form of drug abuse.
  13. Any student who is absent from school on account of ill-health must bring a Medical Report to confirm that she has been truly ill and is now medically fit enough to be in School.
  14. Students should not cross lawns.
  15. Students must not engage in any form of misbehavior to Staff (Academic and Non-academic) Students must be courteous to Staff, Visitors and to one another.
  16. Students must respect College Property and should therefore not engage in any form of vandalisation of College property. Any student who damages or vandalise against college property will be suspended from school and be made to replace any item so damaged in addition.
  17. No student should drop any form of litter on the Compound and students must pick up any litter found around them and drop it inside litter bins provided at strategic points within the School Compound. No student should deface walls and notices.
  18. No student should fag, bully or terrorize a junior or younger student. Any such act attracts immediate suspension from School.
  19. Students must go home and return to school in their complete school uniforms
  20. When students are not in school uniforms, they should be in their house swears.
  21. There must be no borrowing or lending of any kind between students.

  22. The Dormitory must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Students must lay their beds neatly with white bed spreads before leaving the dormitory and keep their personal effects inside lockers and the pails in the bathroom.
  23. Uniforms including berets must be worn at all school functions, during exeats and all outings.
  24. The school uniforms and the house wears must be kept clean at all times.


The School operates Boarding House system under resident House Matrons. 
There are Five Houses named after what we consider necessary for social living:
 HOUSE         COLOUR 
1. Progress      Green
2. Charity        Blue
3. Faith           Pink
4. Unity           Yellow
5, Peace          Purple 
Girls are distributed into Houses and the House wear check material bears the colour 
of the House. The Style of the House wear is attached to guide Parents in the sewing.

The child/learner is entitled to obtain the Basic Education Certificate after three years of studying the subjects indicated below; and has taken and passed the examination conducted by the National Examination Council (NECO). 
The subjects are:

  1. English Studies
  2. Mathematics
  3. Basic Science and Technology is made up of:
  4. i) Basic Science 
    ii) Basic Technology 
    iii) Physical and Health Education
    iv) Information Technology 
  5. Cultural and Creative Arts
  6. Religion and National Values Education is made up of:
  7. i) Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Studies
    ii) Social Studies
    iii) Civic Education
    iv) Security Education
  8. One Nigerian Language (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba)
  9. Pre-Vocational Studies is made of;
  10. i) Home Economics
    ii) Agriculture
    iii) Entrepreneurship
  11. Business Studies
  12. French
  13. Arabic - is optional.

At the Junior Secondary School, the students offer a minimum of 9 subjects and maximum of 10 subjects. 

The following are the compulsory subjects that every student in secondary school must study and pass at credit level:

  1. English Language
  2. General Mathematics
  3. One of the Trade with Entrepreneurial Studies.
  4. Our students can offer any one of the following five subjects: i) Data Processing ii) Fisheries iii) Catering Craft Practice iv) Garment Making v) Dyeing and Bleaching
  5. Computer Studies/ICT
  6. Civic Education

Based on the recommendation of the Guidance & Counselling Unit, students are streamed into classes of Arts/Humanities, Business Studies, Science and Mathematics, Technology Departments respectively. 

  2. i) Agricultural Science ii) Biology iii) Chemistry iv) Physics v) Physical Education vi) General Mathematics (core) vii) Further Mathematics viii) Computer Studies
  4. I) English Language ii) Literature-in-English iii) Nigerian Language (Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa) iv) French Language v) CRS/IRS vi) Government vii) Civic Education viii) Geography ix) History
  6. I) Technical Drawing ii) Foods and Nutrition iii) Home Management iv) Visual Arts
  8. I) Fishery ii) Catering Crafts iii) Dyeing and Bleaching iv) Garment Making v) Data Processing

    Alma Mater, Alma Mater,
    Federal Government Girls College,
    Our door of great civilization
    Centre of Excellence
    A call to sound upbringing 
    Come to one and all
    Academics and morals
    With contentment
    Not with complexity
    But for future great gains
    A school of great achievers
    I am proud of you
    Preserve your purity, discipline and loyalty
    Alma Mater, Alma Mater
    We live in harmony
    United we all stand
    The pinnacle of victory
    Forward ever we shall be
    Strength and humility
    Long live
    Federal Government Girls’ College